My name is Renée Rudebrant.

From childhood on I have been looking at my surroundings trough two creative eyes. From the very beginning i wanted to become an artist and designer.

The unique characteristics of textiles attracted me the most.

At first i wove images but later went over to embroidery instead.

I have been travelling a lot and the good thing is that you can take an embroidery bag and the needed equipment to almost everywhere, on the flight, on the train, sometimes even in the car. Whenever you have to sit and wait in waiting rooms or before meetings it can be nice to get out your embroidery bag and continue with your embroidery project.

I think of what i do as “textile graphics“. This applies to both my artistic work and also when I am designing patterns. Patterns along with abstract or geometric shapes, I have come to work a lot with. I want my designs to feel timeless. The difference between my “free creations“ and designing patterns that someone else can follow is not that big. The embroidery-kits are defintely one possible path towards creating, a path to the “inside you“ and I am feeling very priviliged to give you this possibilty.

Working with embroidery images and creating new and different embroidery-kits in my world go hand in hand.

It can both be nice: to follow given patterns but also to challenge yourself to create your own ways of embroidering. Take your time and try!