Renée Rudebrant

I am an artist and designer with textile expressions as basis. I like creating images with a tactile feeling and to shape patterns.

One of the starting points for my artistry is the feeling of creating with my own hands.

Therefore working with textile materials streches like a read thread through my personal development – „to embroider is like painting“.

First it was textile images made in various techniques such as woven pictures or collages. Now it is embroidery that captures my interest. I want to create tension within the images by using simple forms in the composing, in e.g. geometric figures. Often a graphic expression can be discovered in my pictures. When crafting pieces with my own hands it is also nice to work with other materials. Therefore sometimes diverse recyclingmaterial is merging with the textiles of my embroidery pieces. The challenge is to find new forms and new fields of application while working with existing objects. For me that adds an additional dimension to the artistic approach. I have published two books about embroidery, the first one is called “Grafisk korsstygn (graphical cross stitch)“ which is a patternbook and the book “Uttryck med nål och tråd (expressions with needle and thread)“ which is a manual in free artistic embroidery. You can find many of my artworks on this homepage under the tab art.

In parallel with my artistic activities i do lecture and give my own workshops to spread my knowledge and inspire others to also express themselves.


  • Handarbetets vänner, Stockholm
  • Applied art in textile, Tollare Folkhögskola
  • Education as teacher in the fields of textiles, Uppsala University
  • Texitles from an interdisciplinary point of view, Gävle Högskola
  • Magister in textile science, Uppsala University


A selection of solo exhibitions

Gallery Lilla My, Stockholm, 1980
Huddinge Library, 1982
Södra Galleriet, 1989
Folkets Hus, Södertälje, 1991
Textila Galleriet, STH, 1992
Gallery Diana Huset, Norrtälje, 1993
Galleri 700, Rimbo, 1997

Collective exhibitions
Sveagalleriet, Stockholm, 1982
Gallery Lilla My, Stockholm, 1989
Järnboden Harg, Östhammar, 1996
Gallery Furusund, 1997
Länsmansgården, Åkersberga, 2003
Limpopo & Johannesburg, Southafrica, 2004
Länsmansgården, Åkersberga, 2006
Gallery i Täby, 2007
Gallery Se, Falun, 2008
Ånghammaren, Österbybruk, 2009
Åland museum, Åland, 2010
Österåkers art hall, Åkersberga, 2011
Värnersborg art hall, 2011
Slow Craft, Rejmyre 1 juli -4 sep, 2011
Fullersta Bio, Huddinge, sep – okt, 2011
Länsmansgården, Åkersberga, 2013
Dalarnas museum, Falun, 2015
Västerås library, 2016
Arvika art hall, Arvika, 2016
The 8-th International Minitextile Art Exhibition, Ukraine, 2017
7th International WTA Biennial, Uruguay, 2017
The 20th International Minitextile Art Exhibition in Bratislava, “Celebration”, 2018


Designed and embroidered stands for Stockholms studentnation, 2012
Created and designed Västmanlands Dalarnas new banner, 2015

Public art installations

Stockholm, läns Landsting, 1980
Huddinge commune, 1982
ABF, Huddinge, 1982
Pharmacia, India, 1989
Norrtälje commune, 1997


Member of Textil 13
Member of Skrotgruppen
Member of Öster om Ån, Uppsala 1993 -1998
Member of Textila Galleriet, Stockholm 1989 -1993