ART COLLECTION – new and exclusive embroidery-kits

The Art Collection was developed for all of you who like to work more artistically and freely with embroidery, but still want a little bit of guidance and framework they can follow.

Each Art Collection is produced as a limited edition. The number of pieces the collection consists of is shown on every product. The fabrics you will work on are printed or painted by hand by me.This makes every embroidery-kit unique in itself.

The Art collection is perfect for those who already have a certain designhabit and want to continue evolving themselves within emboidery.

As a embroiderer you can also become a member of Crafts24-Premium. Today it is a closed group on facebook. Every six months (February and September) i am posting an embroidery challenge, on which you then can work on for half a year. After that you can send in your work and all pieces oft he same challenge are published side by side in the facebook group. There may also be a variety of other publications and events that I will offer to the members of Crafts24-Premium.

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A1:1 Art collection / Make-Up Bag


The Art collection is an embroidery-kit that is produced as a limited edition.

Each and one of them is unique in regard of fabrics and suggested stitch combinations within of each bag and each collection.

Note: the pictures are just a small selection of examples.

The embroidery-kit includes:
Hand painted linen cloth
Cotton yarn
Inner lining fabric
Zipper 14 cm

Final dimensions: 14 x 15 cm