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Graphic Cross-Stiches


This book is for anyone who enjoys cross-stitching!
In the book, Renée Rudebrant has collected 30 of her own embroidery designs using cross-stitch in the shape of cushions, make-up bags and bags to embroider yourself. All products include mounting instructions. The book is wirebound and the text in the book is in both Swedish and English. The book has 80 pages. The designs are illustrated in full size and are easy to follow.

Uttryck med nål och tråd (Expressions with needle and thread)


Expressions with needle and thread A free embroidery manual. This is Renée Rudebrant’s second book in embroidery. With that she wants to convey basic knowledge about the character of the stitches. Through the book you will learn the tools, materials, application techniques and how to create exciting embroidery bottoms. Above all, you will be inspired into sketch and embroidery exercises to create needle and thread compositions. The book is a guide for those who want to develop in free embroidery and want to move on and create new stories, learn more about embroidery techniques and let the needle and thread take you on new embroidery adventures. The book is only in Swedish.