Embroidery kits

Would you like to embroider? Choose one of the Renée Rudebrant embroidery sets. If you buy a set, you can purchase the book “graphical cross-stitch” for just another 100kr. In the book you will find many of the cross-stitch patterns designed by Renée Rudebrant for pillows, make-up bags and cases. The offer is valid up to and including October 31st.

Use coupon: BYRENEE100

In my opinion both art and crafts is most valuable, when it can be enjoyed and shared. Even more so, when someone can be part of the process and experience of creating itself. So i am very happy to have found a way to share my work with you.

In the form of an embroidery kit you can create you own pieces. They are available in the form of cushions, make-up bags and cases.

Every kit includes:

  • fabric
  • needed Yarn
  • instructions
  • pattern chart

Some models also include tissue paper to easily translate the pattern onto the fabric if it is not printed directly on the fabric. For the make-up bags and cases there is also the lining fabric and zipper or drawstring (depending on the product) for mounting included.

Many pieces are based on my signature stitch the cross-stich, but there is many more techniques to choose from. And there is even an Art Collection with limited editions and uniqueness guarantee.

These embroidery kits are for all of you, who want to embroider and create with a bit of guidance. Just click on the register to the left to choose your favourite product category and pattern, you will be then forwarded to the webshop to complete the sale. Maybe you are also interested in even more templates or reading material or a present for your friend? All of that you can also find in the butik.

Fun browsing and good luck on your treasure hunt.

P.s.: all products can also be purchased as finished models. If you’re interested just send me a mail, I will get back to you with more information on the delivery time and pricing. All products of course are handmade.